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Your Sleep Tracker Application

Personal sleep trackers can offer a fascinating insight into the mysterious third of your life you spend asleep.

It may not be as precise as a professional appraisal, but a sleeping tracker can provide you useful information about the quality of your sleep, and help you take action to improve it.

I have tested a wide range in the past couple of decades, and continue to do so on an ongoing foundation. And in this short article, I will be giving you my view of the most popular devices and how they compare.

Some of them are also action trackers, and although I will offer a summary of the activity tracking features, my primary focus will be on the sleeping monitoring aspect.

Sleep trackers

Fitbit Versa 2
The Fitbit Versa two is the most reliable of the many sleep trackers I have tried through the years and is now my personal favorite.

It is generally accurate in regards to the dimensions I will verify myself. By way of instance, it can tell if I am lying in bed sleeping or reading, how often I awaken in the night, and what time I finally wake up in the morning.

And when it comes to fitness monitoring, additionally, it seems impressively reliable. The step count is adequate, as is my heartbeat at different intensity levels of instruction, and automated exercise type tracking.

So the precision of the fundamental sleep data, heart rate, and motion provide me with certainty that the sleep period tracking is a good enough estimate.

An integral addition to the new Versa is your in-built Alexa voice helper. It’s great having the ability to order messages with your own voice, create general searches, and set clocks, alarms, reminders, and more. It’s a really handy feature that helps make this Fitbit’s best smartwatch thus far.

The Beautyrest is a contactless sleep tracker, with a measuring pad that sits under your mattress rather than a device worn around the wrist. You then have a tiny data chip attached, and a smartphone Program at which you’ll obtain the sleep data.

It is easy enough to install, with videos on the Program that walk you through the procedure. After that, you can leave it switched on and it’ll track your sleep automatically once you get right into bed.

It was designed to be more helpful to the average person with an interest in their sleep. And to offer helpful interpretations of the sleep data, together with advice for improving your sleep. So it will not leave you scratching your head about what the charts mean.

I recently analyzed the Beautyrest alongside the Emfit, Fitbit, and my guide sleep journal. And I discovered it was always accurate for the dimensions I can confirm, like when I fell asleep and woke up, and the specific time of wakings in the evening.

Emfit QS
Created by the Finnish company EMFIT, the QS was initially meant to be used by athletes. But anyone with a keen interest in their sleep and health may benefit from the additional details it provides.

Like the Beautyrest, the Emfit functions with no contact with your body. A measuring strip goes below your side of the mattress (not the mattress sheet) and takes readings with ballistocardiography, with a sensitive compression detector.

It provides you with a staggering quantity of information, including the conventional sleep tracker measurements like heart rate, breathing rate, restlessness in bed, time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep.

It then goes a few steps further than standard sleep trackers. It provides measurements that athletes will find useful, such as entire night heart rate variability (HRV), complete recovery, and recovery efficiency.

Withings Sleep
The Withings sleep tracker has had an interesting evolution. Withings initially produced the Aura, on the back where the technology was purchased by Nokia, who rebranded with this newer device. However, they then sold it back to Withings — hence the confusion around the specific name.

Like the Beautyrest and Emfit, the monitoring device is a contactless mat that you put under your mattress. You’ll then get your sleep data on your smartphone there’s currently no desktop version.

They seem to have a specific focus on improving your sleep schedule. Shortly after enrolling, the Health Mate app asked me if I wanted to combine a social jet lag program, to increase my sleep regular consistency 7 days per week.

It also has an intriguing choice to integrate with intelligent home devices via IFTTT. That means you can turn the lights on and off or adjust the thermostat when you get into bed, for instance.

So far as sleep monitoring itself is concerned, it tries to monitor sleep stages and provide you detailed charts in the morning on the Program. But like so many devices, I found that the longer I spent reading, the harder it became for the Withings to tell if I was asleep or awake.

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