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The Cruise People builds upon the robust and dependable reputation of the group’s six vertical product information and comprehensive review websites to expand into a broad assortment of exciting and new technology areas in both the consumer and business markets. Additionally, it focuses on the applications and consequences of technology so that readers can make purchasing decisions based on their needs and situations.

The website approaches technology coverage from two angles: Product categories, a Software Channel and a Antivirus Channel. Because of this, users can quickly find specific information and reviews on the hottest programs, apps, updates, bugs, error, glitches in programs. They are also able to find product-related news and other information relates to Technology or Innovation applications.

From the Software segment, editors and authors focus on technology developments and products that are related to home & household, health & fitness, entertainment, gaming, travel and automobiles. The Antivirus channel presents technology news and information that addresses key areas of interest to enjoy cellular, wireless, networking, security, storage, and cloud computing. Articles are written and formatted to provide relevant and useful information quickly and efficiently.

The Cruise People includes a clean, efficient and extremely useful design which makes it effortless to find the most current and most useful information and compare unique products to produce a smart buying decision. The reactive design adapts automatically to any device platform, from desktop and laptop to tablet and smartphone, which means you can access relevant articles and helpful tips anywhere and anytime. Additionally it is highly navigable and interactive, allowing users to respond to editorial and readily share opinions with other readers.

Combined with existing vertical sites in the category, The Cruise People provides more than 5 million unique visitors and 12 million page views per month, which makes it the one-stop destination website for consumer and business technology consumers.