Friday, May 27, 2022

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Exploring Kamchatka, Russia’s Adventure

Berry picking from the Russian Taiga is tricky business, I believe, as I graze on a bowl of mountain ash berries and envision the swampy

Cowboy Life: Colorado Ranch Retreat

The very first day I fulfill Maryanne, I’m told she’s a few”personal space problems.” Apparently, she does not like anybody slipping behind her, so it

Stay Healthy: Things All 40-plus Women Should Do

Aside from the odd grey hair as you hurtle towards the large 40, there is a little obvious indication that you’re getting old. You might

The Impact of Technology on the Real Estate Industry

Digital technology has made its mark on property businesses in many different ways, providing remarkable improvements in productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Here’s a look

Glacial River Reveals About the Greenland Ice Sheet

With info by a 2016 expedition, scientists supported by NASA are shedding more light on the intricate procedures below the Greenland Ice Sheet that control