Weddings - By The Cruise People Ltd.




Have you dreamed of an exotic setting for your wedding?

Whether you are planing to renew your vows or say "I Do" to your someone special, a cruise based ceremony presents you with an array of options.

From a beach or tropical garden, to tying the knot on a glacier, or at sea, The Cruise People has the experienced service oriented counsellors to assist you with your wedding or honeymoon plans.

Many people hope to have friends and family join them for their wedding cruises. The cruise lines offer group bookings, a group is usualy 15 passengers. There are perks to the extra effort involved with a group booking. Please call us for details regarding group contracts and the extras that come with the various cruise lines.

Different cruise lines offer different wedding packages. The only constant is there is always an additional charge for your ceremony. The legal requirements and fees vary by cruise line, and port. Only one cruise line can offer you a wedding at sea, however many offer shipboard weddings while in port, and shore weddings. Please see below for an partial list of cruise lines. We will be pleased to assist you with any inquiries you might have and to help you arrange your exotic wedding experience. If you are considering capturing your special day with professionals, we have you covered on that too. Our partners at SDE WEddings are some of the best in the business and will preserve your memories the way you want them.

If you would like for us to arrange a registry for you we will be happy to do