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R.M.S. Segwun Cruising into History

During the late 1800s the lakes of the Muskoka region were as popular with holiday makers as they are today. Back then, most people summering at the lakes; although quite affluent, did not employ their own launch to transport themselves and their belonging to the summer home. The Muskoka Fleet was available for that! What remains of this era are the extravagant summer homes of Millionaires Row, folk's desire to play in the Muskokas and, R.M.S. Segwun.

This year, The Cruise People, Ltd. is working with Muskoka Lakes Hotel, and Navigation Company. We are pleased to offer space for select sailings in R.M.S. Segwun and her contemperary fleet mate Winonah II. The sailings we have to tell you about are an assortment of overnight voyages featuring hotel stays in one of Muskoka's resorts.


June 5-6 to Clevelands House in Wenonah, Rate: $265.00 p.p.

June 12-13 to Delta Sherwood Inn in Wenonah, Rate: $280.00 p.p.

September 11-12 to Windermere House in R.M.S. Segwun, Rate: $290.00

September 18-19 to Delta Sherwood Inn in R.M.S. Segwun, Rate: $290.00 p.p.

October 2-3 to Clevelands House in Wenonah, Rate: $290.00 p.p. The fare is based on double occupancy, and does not include taxes.

R.M.S. Segwun will quietly transport you past the shores of Muskoka Lakes upon calm waters. This allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, view archetecture from over 100 years ago to the extravagant mansion like cottages of today, partake of a snack or beverage from the ship's lounge, or, if you make dining reservations, take a meal in the ships unique dining room*. The officers and crew are as accommodating as can be. Most sailings the bridge is open (not while docking or negotiating the "tricky bits"!), so you may go up to the wheelhouse for an intimate perspective on how to con the ship. The coal-fired boilers can be viewed from the deck above. The engine room is also often open, so you can get up close and personal with the heart of the ship, not like the engine rooms of todays diesel propulsion plants, where all the work goes on under cover. The engine in R.M.S. Segwun is almost alive, moving, sweating, gasping, thunking right before your eyes.

Wenonah is the newest, and largest member of the Muskoka fleet. She can carry up to 200 passengers in comfort, and boast a large enclosed area with lots of windows to enjoy the passing scenery from. There is a dining room, snack and beverage service is available on the main deck in the large main lounge. If seeing the working steam engine is part of the appeal of your voyage, please be aware that Wenonah is powered by a diesel propulsion plant, that is not open for public viewing.

Whether you are romantically inclined, or mechanically inclined, a cruise in R.M.S. Segwun is a 'living' part of Ontario's heritage that has a lot to offer.

To book passage in R.M.S. Segwun's, or Wenonah II's overnight voyages, please call us at 1 800 268-6523 from outside the Toronto area or at 416 444-2410 from within the GTA.

To arrange for a shorter cruise in R.M.S. Segwun, or Wenonah II, or charter one of the Muskoka fleet please call their office directly at 705-687-6667

* The dining room will not be open for all sailings.

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