Sailing to any of these destinations is bound to be a pleasure, however we thought we would showcase a few possibilities for you to consider.

Polar Regions - For those with a heart for adventure and exploration...

FFor those with a heart (passion) for adventure and exploration, the Polar Regions are for you!
Whether it's the Arctic or the Antarctic - there are many activities to enjoy such as the artistic skill of the Inuit people and their vast array of carvings.

If you have a passion for adventure, and the drive to explore, the Polar Regions, could just quench your desires. These small ship sailings take you off the beaten path, and away from throngs of people. Whether the northern or souther polar regions interest you, you will find fascinating lecturers on board, often speaking about the habitat you will be exploring, and its inhabitants.

If you are travelling in the north, there are often experts on board to speak about the powerful images portrayed in Inuit art.

The southern regions have the amusing, and un-afraid penguins to engage you, and often the ships have photography experts aboard. You can come home with amazing stories of adventure, and phenominal photos to augment your tales!

Wildlife in its natural habitat is a truly rewarding experience when observing polar bears, penguins, seals, whales, and walrus to name just a few.

Greenland offers wonderful hiking, and kayaking. You could hook a whopper if you choses to fish while you are there. The true heart of Inuit life pulses still and the people are available to you. You may decide to witness the Drum Dance, showcasing both the dance, and the traditional clothing.

Let's not forget the beauty of the Auraura Borealis or Aurora Australis as a breathtaking backdrop. The vivid, moving, pulsating colours are seen most often in the night sky in spring, and autumn. They are visable in winter too, but the cruising becomes challenging! The varied colours are only seen in the night sky in winter, spring and autumn - so plan your booking carefully to enjoy this enchanting spectacle.

Diana Lang has specialized in Alaska for almost forty years. If you're considering a cruise or cruisetour in Alaska, give her a call.

Europe - With so many choices on a European tour...

This is where The Cruise People, can realy shine for you. There are a myriad of choices facing someone hoping to travel to Europe. We will help you select the itinerary that fits your ideal holiday best.

A benefit of chosing to use a cruise ship as your host while travelling in Europe is that you are able to see many destinations, without the expense of multiple airfares, and that you need only un-pack once! Also, once you have unpacked, you have all the benefits of wonderful cusine, informed lecturers to tell you about the fascinating sites you will see, and a nightly turn-down service. At this juncture, I will not venture into all the great surprises awaiting you on your European holiday.

Visiting popular sites, such as the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, The Tower of London are only the beginning of the wonderous and historically significant places you may chose to visit. If you decide to visit the Black Sea on Romania's coast you will be able to appreciate the Greek influence that dates back to the seventh century B.C. There are also 45 miles of beaches where the waters are said to heal such ailments as arthritis, and nervous disorders. However, being on a cruise ship, you should have no nervous disorders!

Awe insiring catherdrals, castles, ancient monuments, shopping a quaint villages await your discovery in the British Isles and Western Europe. While in England you may chose to visit the mysterious and haunting standing stones, or take a trip to Bath, where you may now take the waters. Your itinerary may take you to Paris, London, or Amsterdam where you can soak up the distinctive flavours of these great European cities. While we are discussing the wonders of Europe waiting for you to appreciate, we cannot omit the food. Your taste buds will most certainly appreciate the renowned dining availabe in the ship, and the opportunity to sample local flavours. We just hope your waistline will forgive your taste bud's abondon!

The Western Mediterranean can bring you to such renowned cities as Casablanca, Lisbon, Monte Carlo and Dubrovnik.

You can then do as we do and revisit these places while watching videos, and, annoy your friends by exclaiming "I've been there!".

Cunard Line - The Cruise People's biggest seller.

The Cruise People, Ltd. is certified as a Cunard Line expert for booking travel on the company’s flagship, RMS Queen Mary 2 ; Queen Victoria and new liner Queen Elizabeth. The Cruise People is recognised by its unique qualifications and knowledge as a voyage planning professional

The Cruise People are experts on a wide range of topics, offering travellers full knowledge of important details about a Cunard voyage aboard Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth. We understand Transatlantic Voyages and World Voyages, exclusive Grill accommodations, enrichment programmes (Cunard Insights), world-class dining and renowned White Star Service SM .

Contact any agent at The Cruise People, Ltd. - all of us have sailed aboard Cunarders.

Our experience goes back to the 1960’s having sailed in or inspected: Queen Elizabeth (the original), Franconia, Cunard Adventurer, Cunard Ambassador, Queen Elizabeth 2, Caronia, and Queen Mary 2.

Pacific and Far East - Rich colours, diverse cultures and an explosion...

Rich colours, diverse cultures and an explosion of culinary delight await you along with warm and generous hospitality.
The continent of Australia offers great surfing at sites like Bondi and Palm beach or just take a relaxing stroll at Balmoral beach or Woolloomooloo Wharf.  Other sites of interest are of course the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Wildlife World or explore world renown Aboriginal art collections at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
New Zealand consists of a small group of island in the South Pacific whose culture is balance of European and Pacific Island identity.  Marvel at the many beaches, volcanoes, hot springs and interesting wildlife.
The ancient Polynesians settled on one of the most requested honeymoon destinations in the world.  Although now part of the American union, Hawaii is very much a distinct   culture that offers great activities. The adventurous may want to speak to our agents to help them with booking activities – such as getting a Hula dance lesson, walk on active volcanoes, be awe struck with whale watching or learn about the legend of King Kamehameha's Golden Cloak.

Thailand is a melting pot of industry and a rich, traditional culture.  A must see - beyond the talented folk dances, is the Grand Palace which holds government offices, royal residences and the inspiring Emerald Buddha.
Some of the other islands of interest for the fun-loving romantic couples are Cook Island, Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Samoa.  These islands hold ancient culture, sandy atolls and bright blue lagoons.  Our agents can show you why this is another great romantic getaway for newlyweds.

Indian Ocean - The Indian Ocean being the third largest ocean is still...

The Indian Ocean being the third largest ocean is still further divided into three sections known as African, Antardis and Australasian which makes this voyage a medley of diversity.
Kenya, off the northern coast, is a dream destination with it's white sandy beaches and  world  class fishing for Marlin, Sail fish, Bill fish and Broadbill Sword fish.  Be sure to take in the    the distinctive architecture of Mombasa with it's strong Portuguese influences.  One of the oldest human settlements in the world with it's ancient alleyways and architecture  can be found in Old Town.  However, a large segment of Mombasa is very modernized and offer  many amenities and lots of shopping!!
One of the most remote islands in the South Atlantic is St. Helena and also a favourite of true sailer's.  Within 29 square miles of this quiet little island are the varied wildlife, marina, hiking, water sports, and simple island life,
Lakshadweep consists of 36 islands – only 10 of which are inhabited and contains 12 atolls, 5 submerged banks and three reefs.  Apart from the vast lagoons are the interesting crafts, dances, costumes and artifacts of the tribal culture. RMS St. Helena makes several voyages per year to this British Colony
With so many choices within the Indian Ocean, contact one of our qualified agents to help you decide on your adventure.

The Grand World Cruise - Group space now available for January 2012

      The Cruise People can tailor a world tour to suit your group, honeymoon or retirement needs. We have group departures with reduced rates and added benfits for World Cruise departures in 2012.
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